Reasons why addiction exists among oil workers

In any country that produces oil, the oil industry is mostly the largest. And because the industry is known for its bountiful remuneration, several people are always attracted to it. The mistake most oil workers fail to make is they don’t consider other factors before venturing into it.

Because oil workers are well compensated, they are oblivious of the hazards of the industry and this is why lots of them get addicted.  

In some countries or states, you don’t have to be well-read up to the doctorate level before you get employed as an oil worker. All you need is a university degree and you are good to go.

Every oil-producing state has very high demands and there is this pressure on oil workers to ensure these huge demands are met. The state has to ensure that the demands of her citizens are met, and those who want to import from them also have enough oil.

Most times, these oil workers are stretched beyond their normal working capacity and then, they seek to rely on things that would make them work overtime. What some of them do is to indulge in substance abuse that would help them cope.

Their reliance on these substances proves to be useful in the short term. However, with time, these substances become insufficient for them and they have to either increase the dosage or mix other substances for increased effects.

Hence, in the long run, they will discover that it is beyond their control and at this point, they are addicted. If these substances are not within reach, they exhibit some unpleasant behaviors and signs known as withdrawal symptoms.

The primary reason why oil workers are addicted is because of stress caused by increased working capacity.

Hence, the best way to help those who are not addicted yet, is to find enough time to rest and enjoy themselves with their loved ones. This will be effective in reducing their stress levels and making them fit for work.  

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